Im having trouble incorporating intervals in my playing, can you talk about how to use this concept in a post-modern jazz context?Linear in Louisville

Dear Linear:This is a great question! In trying to break free of the linear style (which is amazing btw) it is good to look at the types of intervals and how they relate. There are three kinds: 3rds and 6ths are simple, harmonic, very inside sounding. This is what you are probably playing %90 of the time and thus the source of your angst. 4ths and 5ths are very specific sounding, the least harmonically defined. They are a very strong sound (think medieval) and certain players (McCoy Tyner) have made them a very strong part of their concept. Combining this with non-harmonic triads is a very spicy combination!
The real interest (in my opinion) lies with 2nds and 7ths for they are in the middle. They are dissonant, and can play a role inside or outside the harmony. They are exciting sounding and refreshing, and they also leave a lot of space either around them or in between them. Don’t forget that 9ths are also seconds!
So experiment with these different kinds of intervals, playing one and two notes exclusively for a while. See what happens??


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