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Upper Structures

Hey Jazz Guy, Once I’ve mastered the “jazz power chords” how can I better understand Upper Structures and incorporate them into my playing? – Basic in Boise Dear Basic, This is a way of exploring upper structure harmony using triads on the guitar that I find quite sonically delightful. Triads are easy to play and […]

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The Blues – Part 2 – Soloing

Hey Jazz Guy.. How can I make my blues soloing more jazzy, to fit the jazz-blues chord changes? –Blue and Bored in Birmingham Dear Blue and Bored, The best way to become accustom to the shift in language is through listening. Particularly by listening to older jazz (bebop and hard-bop) you will get a good […]

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Im having trouble incorporating intervals in my playing, can you talk about how to use this concept in a post-modern jazz context? — Linear in Louisville Dear Linear:This is a great question! In trying to break free of the linear style (which is amazing btw) it is good to look at the types of intervals […]

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