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Minor Mysteries

Hey Jazz Guy, I feel totally lost with minor chords, there are so many different types. What on earth do I play? –Lost in Long Island Dear Lost, You are not alone. Minor harmony is a difficult topic precisely because there are so many variations. We will look at four types of commonly used minor […]

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Tri-tone Subs & Minor Third Subs

Hey Jazz Guy… What can you explain tri-tone subs, and minor third substitutions? Im trying to make my chord melodies more interesting, and what’s the purpose of this technique? — Sub-Par in Salt Lake Dear Sub-Par:Well, the purpose of the tri-tone sub, or any reharm technique, is to create the un-expected for the listener. We […]

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ii – V Progressions

Hey Jazz Guy… Can you explain the basic concept of a ii-V progression and why it’s so important? —Chordless in Cleveland Dear Chordless: A two five or (ii-V) in roman numerals, is a basic progression that is taken from the cycle of 5ths. Root motion in 4ths or 5ths is motion around the circle and […]

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