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Rhythmic Variation

Hey Jazz Guy, Im always playing constant eighth-notes, or the same rhythms. How can I get more rhythmic variety in my playing? –Constant in Colorado Springs Dear Constant, This is definitely an issue with improvising, especially for guitarists because unlike horn players, we don’t have to breathe. One method for enhancing your rhythmic vocabulary is […]

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Hey Jazz Guy, I’ve got my chords down pretty well, but how can be more rhythmic in my accompanying? –Square in Sacramento Dear Square, The most important thing about accompaniment or “comping”, is to make whatever it is you are accompanying sound better. A large rhythmic vocabulary is crucial to making you sound great behind […]

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The Blues – Part 1 – Changes

Hey Jazz Guy.. Can you explain the difference between a “Jazz Blues” and a regular Blues? How can I make my blues playing more jazzy? -Blue and Bored in Birmingham Dear Blue and Bored, This is a great question! There are many variations on the jazz blues, but this one is middle of the road […]

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