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Walking Bass Lines and Chords

Hey Jazz Guy, I love the sounds of solo jazz guitar, how do I play a walking bass and chords together? –Crawling in Cleveland   Dear Crawling, Ah, the walking bass! This is a wonderful sound that works really great in solo, duet, or small group settings. Mastering this technique will give you an excellent […]

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Upper Structures

Hey Jazz Guy, Once I’ve mastered the “jazz power chords” how can I better understand Upper Structures and incorporate them into my playing? – Basic in Boise Dear Basic, This is a way of exploring upper structure harmony using triads on the guitar that I find quite sonically delightful. Triads are easy to play and […]

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Jazz Power Chords (Voicings)

Hey Jazz Guy, I want to expand my use of jazz harmony and I was wondering how you would recommend going about learning different chord voicings and putting them into practice? — Simple in San Diego Dear Simple, There are many voicing types and systems for this, so there is no one right answer, but […]

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