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Minor Mysteries

Hey Jazz Guy, I feel totally lost with minor chords, there are so many different types. What on earth do I play? –Lost in Long Island Dear Lost, You are not alone. Minor harmony is a difficult topic precisely because there are so many variations. We will look at four types of commonly used minor […]

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Rhythm Changes – Part 2 – Bridge

Hey Jazz Guy, Now that I got the A section of “Rhythm Changes” together, what can I play on the dominant chords in the bridge? –Subordinate in Salem Dear Subordinate, The bridge or B section changes in “I Got Rhythm” is one of the most commonly found harmonic progressions in jazz. Using all dominant chords, […]

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The Blues – Part 1 – Changes

Hey Jazz Guy.. Can you explain the difference between a “Jazz Blues” and a regular Blues? How can I make my blues playing more jazzy? -Blue and Bored in Birmingham Dear Blue and Bored, This is a great question! There are many variations on the jazz blues, but this one is middle of the road […]

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