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Rhythmic Groupings

Hey Jazz Guy, I feel like I’m a broken record – always playing the same rhythms and can’t seem to snap out of it, any suggestions?–Broken in Bedlam   Dear Broken, One great way to spice up your rhythmic life and improve your technique at the same time is to study groupings of notes and […]

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Hey Jazz Guy, I’m mystified by ‘Giant Steps’ and ‘Coltrane changes’, can you explain how that harmony works? –Confused in Cambridge Dear Confused, John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’ was a landmark moment in jazz, a beautiful tune that has proved fascinating ever since. We will break it down to examine this brilliant piece of music. This […]

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Upper Structures

Hey Jazz Guy, Once I’ve mastered the “jazz power chords” how can I better understand Upper Structures and incorporate them into my playing? – Basic in Boise Dear Basic, This is a way of exploring upper structure harmony using triads on the guitar that I find quite sonically delightful. Triads are easy to play and […]

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