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Crocodiles and The Art of the Left Hand

   Oftentimes artists must look outside the realm of their art form in order to find inspiration. When it comes to improving your left hand, we can learn everything we need to know by studying a simple principal, best explained by examining the efficiency of one of nature’s engineering wonders, the crocodile.     Bite […]

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Jazz Tap

Hey Jazz Guy, Is there a way to introduce tapping in a jazz solo/improv? –Picking in Puerto Rico Dear Picking, What a great question! This is a really cool idea, so adventurous however, that few guitarist have managed to try it, let alone master it. The most obvious candidate for this type of playing is […]

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Chromatic Creation

Hey Jazz Guy, I love the way that chromatic playing sounds. Can you explain how I can play more chromatically in my soloing? –Diatonic in Denver Dear Diatonic, This is a fascinating topic! Playing chromatically is a very modern technique that will add a sublime element to your playing. Unless you are in an atonal […]

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